Michael D. Holloway –

Training & Competency Development

Michael D. Holloway has over 35 years’ experience in industry. Michael started 5th Order Industry as the independent content development vehicle for competency development and certification preparation classes as well as projects ranging from ghostwriting, technical marketing, DIY articles and building learning management systems.

5th Order Industry is now recognized as a world leader in competency development for certification preparation. Michael created the world leading 5th Order Industry Competency Development Model©, a learning system like no other in the industry. Based on the neuroscience cognitive pathway development research that is underway as well as an implementation of a heuristic practice with a guided cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals and instructors of continuous asking and answering questions that stimulate critical thinking to draw out underlying presumptions.




Prior Experience

1999 to 2019

From 2013 to 2019, Holloway worked for ALS Tribology lubrication condition monitoring as a global strategy manager, he provided strategic account leadership for top accounts (branded and direct).

From 1999 to 2013 served as Director of Technical Development and Reliability, for NCH Corporation – Lubricants used in Heavy Industrial Equipment, Government GSA, Mining and Construction applications, trained and conducted Plant Surveys, Reliability Proposals, On-site Seminars, Case Studies and Cost Savings Studies, Spend Analysis and Value Recognition Reports, Reliability Audits.  

Prior to 1999

Holloway worked as an Applications Engineer OEM specialist for General Electric Plastics – Silicone, as a Product Engineer specializing silicone materials for electronic and aerospace applications, for Rohm & Haas Electronic Chemicals as a Product Engineer for I-line and X-ray lithographic photoresists for microelectronic fabrication, as an Aerospace Materials Product Development Engineering Chemist for low observable and EMI/RFI shielding materials for WR Grace Chomerics, and as a Polymer Research Chemist for Olin Chemical.

Professional Society Positions and Academic Work

Engineering Master’s Thesis ‘A Study of the Design, Process, and Application of Single and Twin Screw Extruders for the Reactive Extrusion of Polymeric Materials’ under the advisement of Dr. Rudy Deanin, department Chair.

Undergraduate Chemistry Senior Study: ‘The Analysis and Characterization to Establish the Glass Transition Drift of Polysulfide Seal Material from the Space Shuttle Challenger’ under advisement of Dr. George Morris, Professor and Consulting Scientist for Raytheon Corp.

Undergraduate Philosophy Senior Study: ‘The Influence of British Empiricism on the Development of Twentieth Century Atomic Theories’, under the advisement of Dr. Lubomire Glieman, department Chair.

Over the past 30 years, Holloway has published hundreds of papers as well as presented and provided training annually at STLE, Noria, TAPPI, ANTEC, SPE, ASTM, SMRP, ConExpo, MineExpo, World of Concrete, AARS, AIMs, PackExpo, FoodExpo, AESP, ILMA, FluidPower, AGMA, ABMA, IEEE, SAE, OilDoc, LubeMat, IMC, and NLGI.

Holloway served as the North Texas Section Chair for Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers as well as certification examiner for the International Council for Machinery Lubrication and an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Texas.  He was managing editor for 3 years for Porsche Club of America magazine SLIPSTREAM and holds a US patent for bearing cleaning composition and method of use.


  • University of Connecticut, Material Science, PhD Candidate, 1994-96

  • University of Massachusetts, Polymer Engineering, Master of Science, 1994-96

  • Salve Regina College, Newport, Rhode Island, Chemistry, Bachelor of Science, 1982-86

  • Salve Regina College, Newport, Rhode Island, Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts, 1982-85

  • Salve Regina College, Newport, Rhode Island, Associate of Art, 1982-84

US Patent: #7,241,723, Bearing Cleaning Composition and Method of Use, 2007



  • Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt trained through General Electric Plastics
  • CLGS – Certified Lubricating Grease Specialist, National Lubricating Grease Institute
  • MLE – Machinery Lubrication Engineer, International Council for Machinery Lubrication
  • CLS – Certified Lubrication Specialist, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
  • OMA – Oil Monitoring Analyst, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
  • MLT I, II – Machinery Lubrication Technician Level I & II, International Council for Machinery Lubrication
  • MLA I, II, III – Machine Lubricant Analyst Level I, II & III (ISO 18436-4, I, II, III), International Council for Machinery Lubrication
  • LLA I, II – Laboratory Lubricant Analyst Level I & II (ISO 18436-5), International Council for Machinery Lubrication
  • VPR – Varnish & Deposit Prevention and Removal,  International Council for Machinery Lubrication
  • VIM – Varnish & Deposit Identification and Measurement,  International Council for Machinery Lubrication
  • CRL – Certified Reliability Leader, Association of Asset Management Professionals

Published 152 Commissioned Articles on DIY repair projects for a Mercedes Benz 450SL and vintage Porsche 911 including engine, transmission, and electrical repair.