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Our mission ‘Do Good…Be Better’ is reflected in providing an exceptional learning experience for students and professionals offering on site, live, and online competency development.  Personalized and customized courses can be designed to meet your goals as well as developing customized, branded online learning management systems with the highest possible standards for the best possible use.



US Military Veterans can take on-line classes at no charge by submitting your DD214.

We have added a new function – a Learning Assessment tool. Our learning assessment allows us to recommend the best courses for you based upon your learning style. Once your assessment is completed you will receive a breakdown of your results along with course recommendations based on those results.


Learning Management Systems for Competency Development

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Fuel Handling Training Classes

Fuel Basics

Introduction to Marine Fuel

Fuel Cleanliness

Introduction to Fuel Analysis

Fuel Quality and Performance Additives

Introduction to Biodiesel

Diesel Fuel Storage Regulations

Fuel Analysis

Establishing and Maintaining a Diesel Fuel Buying Specification

Fuel Handler Certification Preparation


Training for those that manage and
handle gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, natural
gas for storage, transportation, and


Industrial Hygiene Training Classes

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Ethics

Industrial Hygiene Mathematics

Industrial Hygiene Basic Science

Industrial Hygiene Analytical Chemistry

Industrial Hygiene Radiation




Air Sampling Instrumentation

Community Exposure

Viral Pandemic Protocols


Thermal Stress


Non-engineering Controls


Training and Management

Health Risk Analysis

Work Environments

OHSAS 18001:2007 Awareness Training

Asbestos & Lead Chemical Awareness

Confined Space Entry

Facility Auditing

Hazardous Materials Management



Training for those involved with cleaning, health, safety, and environmental awareness for various industries.


Our Safety Training Classes

Introduction to Risk and Essential Safety

Regulatory Overview and Update

Product Safety Legislation

Understanding Injury & Fatality Data Analysis

Making Sense of an (M)SDS

Overview of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Framework

Overview of U.S. and European Consumer Product Safety Frameworks

Overview of U.S. Textile Requirements

U.S. and European Textile/Apparel Requirements

New Product Trends: Wearable Technology

Recent CPSC Activity: Organohalogen Flame Retardants

Overview of U.S. Mattress Requirements

Tips for Buyers Reviewing Consumer Product Safety Test Reports


Safety training for products and
applications for consumers as well as
those of industry.


Sale Service Training Classes

Selling Basics



Eliminating Objections

Art and Science of Closing

New to Sales Management

Sales Management for Direct Reps

Sales Management for Distributors

Responding to RFQs

Sales Letter Writing

Motivation & Incentives

Structuring Commissions

Phone Work that Works


Sales and service training for a
wide range of businesses and


Plant Management Training Classes

An online learning management system that provides instruction and mentorship for effective and efficient management with the emphasis on establishing high quality products and services in a corporate sustainable environment.


Instruction for effective and efficient management.


Quality Process Training Classes

5S Techniques - Five Disciplines for High Workplace Productivity
Kaizen - Continuous Improvement,
PDCA - Problem Solving Technique & Tools
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
A3 Thinking - A Disciplined Way of Solving Problems
Lean Manufacturing – The Toyota Production System
8D Problem Solving Process
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
TWI Program: Job Safety (JS) Trainings
TPM Team Guide
Total Quality Process (TQP)
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
ISO Awareness Training
Six Sigma Overview
Managing Effective Quality Audits


Quality control and assurance training for beginners on through to MBBs.


Technical Presentations Training Classes

Presentation Skills

Developing Technical Presentations

Public Speaking

Media Relations Skills

Data Driven Presentations

Delivering Scientific Presentations to Scientists

Delivering Scientific Presentations to Non-Scientists

Technical Conference v. Technical Marketing Presentations


Technical marketing, technical writing,
and technical presentation training.


Lubrication, analysis, ICML & STLE
certification preparation and reliability training.


Asset Care Training Classes

Introduction to Condition Monitoring and Asset Care

Introduction to Vibration Analysis

Introduction to Infrared Thermography

Introduction to Ultrasonic Analysis

Introduction to Tribology

ASTM - Customized

Primer on Non-destructive Testing

Category I to IV – Vibration Analyst Certification Preparation

Level I, ll Infrared Thermography Certification Preparation

Guided Wave Testing Level I to III Certification Preparation


Condition monitoring and failure analysis, vibration, thermography, ultrasonic, tribology, guided wave, and API certification preparation.


Industrial Training Classes

Introduction to Process Plant Equipment
Flow Meters
Temperature Meters and Controls
Process Controls
Control Valves
Cooling Towers
Sealing Devices
Steam Traps
Storage Tanks


A wide selection of industrial
competency courses for engineers,
technicians, and mechanics.


Lancer Analytic Training Classes

Buying to Save For Cost & Value

Purchasing and Identifying the Source of Failure

Purchasing Documentation Assembly

Writing the Purchasing Specification

Developing Green Purchasing & A Corporate Social

Process Component Function and Performance Criteria

Engineering Economics for Chemical Processes

Failure Analysis/ Interpretation of Components

Mechanical Integrity of Process Vessels and Piping


A system designed to incorporate your data into customized learning.


Up2Date Training Classes

Course Work and Instruction is Customized


Personalized competency mentors
and goal path providers for
Change Management – making
sure you are up to date and on the
right path.


Material Science Analysis, Development, and Engineering works to engage and develop expertise in the synthesis and analysis of extreme and exotic materials.


UAS.Training is a training portal for unmanned arial system pilot training and development.


Advanced Cognitive Development for improved retention, adaptation, and problem solving.

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Want Your Own Customized Learning Manage-ment System?

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